Nong On

Dec 31

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It's A Bittersweet Symphony...

Camp Nong is On Hiatus.

To our great disappointment, and despite our best efforts, we are unable to go ahead at Kinglake this year. We’re working hard on a securing a new home—but for this New Year’s, we have a delightful replacement event, in Melbourne, in the same Nong-y spirit.

Nong On

Nong On is a lovingly curated day/night party on December 31st, to see off the old year and welcome the new one.

It’s a brand new elegant urban take on the Camp Nong experience. Sunshine, moonlight, good times, boogie ;)


On High

High society on High Street. With spacious ballrooms and well-stocked bars, it has all the fancy facilities required to eat, drink and dance the night away.

24 Moons

Late night lounge, early A.M. oasis, after parties a specialty. Recline, imbibe, and count down in the comfortable embrace of this cozy club.


Lena Willikens

Hailing from Cologne, Lena Willikens—DJ, broadcaster, producer, and tour guide for late-night trips into the unknown.

Expect outernational sounds from an international star, rare rhythms for real ravers, a crafted club experience.

This will be like nothing you’ve heard before


When in doubt, turn to the pros. DJ JNETT has decades of dance experience, for a decadent dance experience.

This one could go in a million different directions—house, techno, funk, disco, soul, dub, hip-hop—we can’t wait to see where we end up.

JNett gets the music—do you get the music too?

The Senegambian Jazz Band

Five nationalities, seven members, eight thousand years of musical tradition, and one euphoric sound.

Spearheaded by Amadou Suso, jali (music-maker) by birthright, direct descendant of the first ever kora player, now ‘the Jimi Hendrix of the kora’ and our resident rock star for the evening.

We are beyond privileged to present the unique sound of the The Senegambian Jazz Band as they pioneer new directions of African jazz.

Just try and keep up.

Suss Cunts

A band name you can’t say to your mum, for a band you’ll want to tell everyone about.

Nothing Suss about this Sound—bratty punk at a breakneck pace with buckets of attitude, honest, funny, triumphant, important.

C u next Tuesday!


Melbourne’s hottest dance band. Adam Valentine, Claudette Justice Jones, Luis CL and Natasha Vomit.

Hedonistic anthems for club rats. (see: Club Rat)

The perfect soundtrack to groovin’ in the gutter while starin’ at the stars.


Shouse—fun to say, fun to see.

A high-energy, hands-in-the-air house homage, crowd-pleasing and club-crowding.

Known for very sick grooves, and some very special guests (!).

Pure fun for the floor, tell your friends.

Brooke Powers

Brooke has shaken basements, filled floors and killed clubs across the country—and has become one of Australia’s most respected selectors doing it.

Her heart beats with a steady party pulse that might swing into garage-house or dip into techno.

If Brooke’s the name.

Feel. The. Powers.

Rainbow Connection

Why are there so many songs about rainbows, and what’s on the other side? Rainbow Connection are purveyors of the finest feel-good grooves—smile-inducers, cuddle-prompters, memory-makers.

They’ll be turning the dance floor into our own little heavenly club cocoon.

It’s all connected, after all—the past and the future, the feet and the heart, the lovers and the dreamers.

Turner Street Sound

Turner Street Sound are an up-and-coming collab of club music connoisseurs who’ll be jumping genres in the courtyard.

Rory McPike (Dan White) + Ryan Hunter (Midnight Tenderness) set to keep it simmering in the sunshine with deep choons and DJ chops.

Dub be good to us.

Communal Meal

Premium nutrition for you nutty Nongers.

Break bread with your brethren, and let us treat you to a Michelin-worthy meal, included in the cost of all tickets.

Love's Lockets

Every attendee is randomly given a unique necklace that locks in perfectly with one another.

Find your match, and the rest is up to you.

There’s someone out there for everyone ;)

Dance Class

A big hit at Camp Nong, we’ve got the return of a dance class, with ballroom basics delivered by the professionals.

Cut some rug, shake what your momma gave you, and a bust a move.


Nong On is a day/night party on December 31st, at On High and 24 Moons. One ticket gets you all of Nong On for:

$79+ bf

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