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It’s a public demonstration of mateship, a summer camp for big kids, a party by and for the people, a good vibes conference:


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In the meantime, here's what we served up in 2015:



DJ, radio host, co-founder of the influential Hessle Audio label. Resident Advisor called him the #4 DJ of 2015, saying "Ben UFO reminds us of a simple but easily forgotten fact: DJs can play literally anything they want."

Ben Thompson does exactly that, with a formidable sense of purpose (see: his RBMA Lecture) and breadth of style (see: his 4hr Boiler Room).

Every time we've seen him, we've been truly blown away. Spit-takes galore.

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Sampa The Great

Sampa the Great is a blast of fresh air to blow the cobwebs out of your mind—young, energetic, exciting.

She’s a poet, a singer-songwriter, a Sensation. She tells stories with style and substance, written in the language of the soul—music.

She’s grrrrrrrreat.

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Communal Meals

Included in the cost of your ticket, the Camp Nong Kitchen will once again be a-cookin’ up your New Year’s nourishment! Let us Cater 2 U as we plate up a ripper repast, crackin’ canapes, and out-of-this-world hors d’oeuvres. Nothing square about THESE meals.


Contemporary pop that slips out of your grasp as you try to hold it. Dance music for daydreaming.

Sui Zhen’s music is a journey through the uneasy but enticing landscape of her mind.

“Colourful, surreal and staged”—welcome to Sui’s world.

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Debonair DJs and suave selectors; conjurers of dancefloor fantasies. The Wax’O Paradiso crew have a reputation of knowing What You Want and Giving It To Ya.

Spinning requiems for a long-lost party so stylish and hedonistic that it couldn’t possibly have happened… or could it?

Come the first glorious morning of 2016, Edd Fisher and Simon TK will be going Deep in the Deep Forest.

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Pool Party

The Pool Party is the traditional Wet Welcome to kick off Camp Nong’s first day. Get your wonderful body around this body of water. Dip, dive, dunk, there just ain’t no party like a Nong pool party!


Nothing Terrible about these Truths.

The Melbourne-via-Adelaide whippersnappers are uptight but upbeat, purveyors of riffs that suggest you move your body and rhythms that insist on it.

Theirs is a gritty grab-bag of grooves, a second helping of hup-to-it. Get your dancing shoes on.

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A.R.T. Wilson

The airy alter-ego of András will be anointing and elevating our new riverside arena.

A.r.t Wilson creates a New Age Ambience that's curated and highly-rated. It's an honour to add this savvy selector to our schedule to play an Live Ambient Set.

Pitching In

Every happy camper is rostered to a simple helper shift—things like cleaning, prepping, assisting, or just generally pitching in. It’s YOUR Camp Nong—so let’s Come Together and make it a good one. After all, we only get out what we put in :)


Lucy Cliché is master and commander of auditory expeditions beyond the rigid rhythms of of the drum machine.

This is techno to scare off the purists and excite the open-minded.

We are privileged to be hosting this all-round auteur of the dancefloor on the first night.

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Wet Lips are a one-stop shop for getting off chops.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. You’ll spill your beer while dancing like an idiot. Try on Try It Again.

A searing Melbourne anthem about seeing an old root out at every fuckin’ venue and thinking “y’know what, I’m DTF”.

Unhinged, unstoppable, as fun and sloppy as a 3am d-floor pash with some hot stranger.

Pucker up.

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Deep Forest

At the crack of 2016, down a candlelit path, in a gorgeous patch of regrown forest, we’ll Do It Ourselves in the Deep Forest. PLUS for the first time—an early afternoon forest stage.


Last year they whipped Camp Nong into a frenzy that left hearts thumping and jaws hanging open. A lot’s changed since then, and HABITS have only gotten bigger, bolder and better.

There’s been popular demand for their brand of progressive dance—we were only too keen to welcome them back.

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An artist who plays with the profane and adores the abject.

A modern-day soothsayer who wryly undermines her own intensity. A composer of ballads with bile and songs that spit back.

Haunting, confronting, captivating—Sarah Mary Chadwick.

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Ahhh, the Great Outdoors! The Bushwalk is a merry meander through the Kinglake forest. Trek down the trail, soak in the serenity and make a few stops on the way—you never know what you’ll find in the bush...


The Crappy Hampers are the cult cover band that comes out once a year—a Camp Nong tradition-in-the-making.

Boasting a horns section and a repertoire of karaoke favourites, they’ll be there on NYE playing only the Greatest Hits.

You all know this one; feel free to sing along.



Loose Tooth are an incisive dose of pop sweets and punk sharpness.

Grinding guitars, a rhythm section with bite and melodies that’ll leave your heart aching.

There’s only so many dental puns we can make, but trust us—this terrific threesome will knock your molars out.

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Trade tips, share skills, and nurture some Nongy Knowledge with workshops run by and for campers. Last year we had makeup tutorials, t-shirt painting, arts and crafts—who knows what the curriculum could be this time? Learn a thing, or two, or maybe even three. Like school but fun!


A New Year’s Eve Experience. DJ Emoceans, the most in-demand party starter in Melbourne, returns to the 1s and 2s just 4 u.

Free your feelings, get your emotions in motion, and welcome the new year with tears of happiness in your eyes.

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Teamwork by name, Teamwork by nature.

Their sound is Free-For-All, a improvised collision of influences, artists and instruments where Anything Goes and Nothing Is The Same.

A loose collaborative collective coming together to form a whole greater than the sum of its parts—very Camp Nong.

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Fancy Features

Cabins. Indoor toilets. Showers. Wi-fi. Kitchen. Get stuck in to all Five-Stars of the Camp Nong Experience.



Jennifer Loveless is an internationally-minded selector who speaks the lingua franca of ‘Fun’.

Her sets are adventurous, playful, and exploratory—guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

From sunrise on the Great Wall, to late night at Nong.




Hailing from the jus b chill crew—a careful curator, a discerning DJ, a peerless producer, a club connoisseur.

To see him play is to see a craftsman at work, turning audio frequency into audience ecstasy.

This isn’t a rave, it’s a religion. This is our church; this is Hymns.

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Love's locket

The match-making, friendship-forming sensation. A unique necklace for everyone, each designed to unify with One Other Necklace in attendance. Where will the invisible hand of fate guide you?


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means you’ll be sleeping in your tent on camp grounds—you’ll still have access to indoor showers and bathrooms!


means you’ll be staying on campus in a 3-6 person dorm room! Featuring bunk beds, toilet, sink and shower. VIP for you Very Important People.


On top of Camp Nong, we throw parties, put on gigs, and host sports & rec days.

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